REM Trains Now Stop at Gare Centrale

Traveling between Montreal and the South Shore is now simpler than ever. The new REM service is now part of daily life at Gare Centrale, offering you a direct and rapid connection.

The trains, equipped with cutting-edge technology, provide unparalleled comfort. Designed to be spacious, air-conditioned, and quiet, they turn every journey into a pleasant experience. Not to mention their impressive frequency: every 3 to 10 minutes during peak hours.

The inaugural route of the REM also takes you directly to our sister destination, Mail Champlain, via the Panama station.

A Positive Impact for the Entire Community

The arrival of the REM at Gare Centrale is not just about more enjoyable travel. This new connection benefits the entire community. Retailers and merchants enjoy an influx of customers attracted by the easy access. Partners and collaborators also benefit from this new fluidity, making collaborations and interactions more efficient. Travelers, in turn, enjoy the modern vibrancy that enhances their daily experience.

Take advantage of this new connection to explore the shops at Halles de la Gare and travel to your destination with ease!