Artworks Not to Miss at Montreal’s Central Station

Montreal’s Central Station, a vibrant hub where travelers and communities intersect, is also a prime location for public art. This summer, three must-see artworks are on display, each offering a unique and enriching experience that you should definitely discover during your next visit. 

Caitlin McDonagh’s Murals

In the food court area, you will find the vibrant murals of Caitlin McDonagh. Inspired by folklore, symbolism, and the natural world, the artist creates colorful and modern landscapes that visually connect to tell a cohesive story. "I wanted to create imagery full of surreal wonders for the crowds at the station," explains Caitlin. These works, with their beams of light and winding ribbons, reflect movement and connection, central themes of the Central Station.

Bloom by Lebicar

In various corridors and near the entrances, you will encounter Bloom. The distinctive character created by Montreal artist Lebicar is showcased through a series of illustrations. "The idea was to interpret the different people passing through here," says Lebicar. The presence of Bloom brings an unexpected touch of joy and light, transforming a simple passage into a memorable moment for travelers.

"Escala" by Pauline Loctin

Near the main concourse, "Escala" by Pauline Loctin symbolizes transition and reflection, inspiring contemplation. "I wanted to create an artistic space within the station where travelers can pause and reconnect with their emotions," explains Pauline. This suspended structure is an invitation to slow down and savor moments of calm amidst the hustle and bustle.

Central Station: A Heritage to Discover

In addition to these contemporary works, Central Station itself is a historic monument. Its main concourse is adorned with murals by artist Charles Comfort that depict the history of rail transportation in Canada. The blend of art and history offers visitors a culturally enriching experience right in the heart of Montreal. 

Explore these artworks during your next visit to Montreal’s Central Station and let yourself be inspired by the beauty and creativity that permeate this iconic location.